Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) colored according to prevalence of COVID-19:

May 12th, 2020 Maps

Raw Map Data

This map uses data up until May 12th, 2020, according to methodology described in the supplement to the "Roadmap to Pandemic Resilience" and related papers, which combines confirmed cases with other data such as excess deaths to approximate case data without relying entirely on confirmed cases (which vary according to how much testing is done).

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  • Red: designated "red" zone by our policy roadmap supplement
  • Orange: designated a "yellow" zone, but on the high end of prevalence.
  • Yellow: designated a "yellow" zone, in the mid-range.
  • Yellow-green: a "yellow" zone that is close to being a green zone.
  • Green: with current data there are no green zones.

This older version of the map is from April 2020, when prevalence was low enough in some areas for Green areas to exist. Here yellow areas are all the same shade of yellow:

April 2020 Maps

Interactive version: