We need an effective public health strategy that allows a planned exit from a strategy of long-term reliance on economically ruinous social distancing and permits us to re-open the economy safely. This is a pivot from risk containment to risk mitigation, or a pivot from a freeze-in-place strategy to a strategy of mobilizing for pandemic resilience.

The strategy that permits us to re-open the economy and control the disease is massively scaled up testing, supported by contact tracing and warning. This is an order of magnitude different from the AEI and CAP plans for re-opening which will not meet the public health need.

The way to deliver massively scaled up testing is via:

  1. A National Director of Testing Supply and National Testing Supply Board
  2. A Public Investment in State-level Service Corps
  3. A Public Investment in a National Service Corps that trains state service corps and fills gaps behind state service corps
  4. An incident command system or fusion cell structure at the municipal level that builds on existing disease surveillance architecture to improve information flow in a networked way from municipal to state and national levels and the inverse.

For this to work, we need all of the parts of it to actually be workable and cohere; people have to have confidence that the plan is sound as a public health strategy; that it offers sound protection of civil liberties and justice; and that it aligns with the structures of authority in our federalist constitutional democracy.

To advance this strategy and its implementation we have established the Committee for Universal Testing with the following mission:

Everyone should have access to the tests they need:

  1. So we can secure a stable public health situation,
  2. So that we can get the economy running again,
  3. So that people can be connected to opportunity, health and a sense of safety;
  4. We need to do this justly, fairly, and freely.

Our Team

Danielle Allen

Glen Weyl

Lila Tretikov

Joshua Simons

Alicia Bassuk


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